Welcome to Badnoodle.com, my little corner of internet real-estate. I am a crappy web designer, and even worse about updating, except for the photogallery pages. Live with it. :)


Pictures of vacations, people, animals, and anything else that holds still when I've got a camera.


We who study insects are a strange bunch of people, that much is for certain.


There's nothing quite as liberating as realizing that naught but fabric separates you from the road.

Cakes & Candy Making

I really, really enjoy cooking, particularly sweets. One day, I might like to own a bakery.

Other Creative Stuff

Cross stitch, needlepoint, knitting, crochet, tatting, quilting, painting - I like to do it all. Somehow, I rarely finish my projects, though.


I've sometimes thought of moving my Livejournal here and having a "real" blog. Then I remember that I am horribly lazy.