Ento 302 Collection: Yes, Chrissy stayed all night in the Heep Center working on it.

These are some full sized specimens- The two on the left are Passalidae (Bess Bugs) and the four on the left are all Carabidae (Ground Beetles). The orange Carabid is a Bombadier Beetle that squirted me when I dragged it out of a rotten log. Luckily, I washed it off before it blistered. And the green metallic Carabid is both powerfully stinky and mutilated my pretty Sphinx moth before they both died.

This is my Schrader box about a week before the collection was due. By the time I was finished packing this box, I couldn't wedge another thing in it.

Haliplidae- Tabanidae- Gyrinidae- Scarabaeidae

Elateridae- Carabidae- Chrysopidae- Drosophilidae


Ichneumonidae Braconidae - Tabanidae - ? (can't tell)

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